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employees renting low-rent housing withdraw housing provident fund to pay rent

1. application scope:

workers (hereinafter referred to as applicants) who rent low-rent housing and meet the following conditions can apply for withdrawal of the deposit balance in the housing provident fund account of themselves and their spouse for payment of housing rental expenses:

(1) the applicant has continuously paid and deposited the housing provident fund in this city for 3 months;

(2) the applicant and spouse are currently renting low-rent housing in accordance with the relevant policies and regulations of this city on low-rent housing;

(3) the applicant does not currently have a housing provident fund loan, and has not drawn the housing provident fund to return the housing loan entrustment, etc.

(4) the applicant and spouse can only withdraw the housing provident fund to pay for the rent of a house;

(5) two or more individuals who have no spouse relationship jointly participate in the lease, and only one of the applicants and their spouse are allowed to withdraw the housing provident fund to pay for the housing lease during the same time period.

if the applicant's spouse participates in the withdrawal, the withdrawal conditions should also be met.

2. handling place:

application for business outlets of shanghai provident fund management center

3. requirements for handling:

applicants should go through the application procedures with the following materials:

(1) the original identity document of the applicant;

(2) the original and photocopy of the marriage certificate, household register and other marriage certificate of the married applicant;

(3) house lease contract (for rent allocation, a low-rent housing rent subsidy agreement issued by the municipal housing security department should also be provided), rent payment certificate;

(4) the original and photocopy of the city’s bank debit card in the applicant’s name. (it is recommended to bring a bank account debit card)

(the opening bank of this city’s debit card should be one of the following 18 banks: china construction bank shanghai branch, industrial and commercial bank shanghai branch, bank of china shanghai branch, agricultural bank shanghai branch, china merchants bank shanghai branch, bank of communications shanghai branch, pudong development bank shanghai branch, ping an bank shanghai branch, bank of shanghai, shanghai rural commercial bank, minsheng bank shanghai branch, postal savings bank shanghai branch, china citic bank shanghai branch, everbright bank shanghai branch, industrial bank shanghai branch, hua xia bank shanghai branch, china guangfa bank shanghai branch, bank of beijing shanghai branch.)

4. processing time limit:

if the applicant provides complete application materials or information, the municipal provident fund center shall within three working days from the date of accepting the application (the time required to verify the applicant’s housing status, housing lease information, and marriage information is not included in the calculation ), make a decision to approve or deny the withdrawal, and notify the applicant. if there is doubt about the application materials provided by the applicant, the applicant may be required to provide other valid certification materials.

5. matters needing attention:

(1). if the spouse participates in the application for withdrawing the housing provident fund to pay the rent, the withdrawal formalities shall be handled at one time;

(2). withdrawal of housing provident fund to pay for low-rent housing rental costs is quarterly, that is, the single withdrawal amount does not exceed the three-month withdrawal limit.