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reconsideration policy of personal housing loan

1. application conditions:

the loan applicants may apply for reconsideration at the same time when applying for the provident fund loan, if the loan applicants’ companies fail to pay or fail to make up the payment due to the reasons such as changing units.

2. place of application:

(1). pure provident fund loans are accepted by district business departments of shanghai estate guaranty co., ltd;

(2). provident fund portfolio loans are accepted by the branches of the city's provident fund loan trustee bank;

(3). the network of reconsideration application and loan acceptance should be the same

3. application requirements:

(1). application materials required for the loan.

(2).deposit reconsideration application materials for discontinuous six months:

①.the original description of the supplementary payment unit which proving the reasons for the omission and the supplementary payment with the official seal or the seal of the human resources department. if the applicant unit entrusts a third party to pay the housing provident fund, the unit certificate shall indicate the entrusted payment of the provident fund and the name of the entrusted third party;

②.the original of social security details issued by social security institutions should match the payment of provident fund;

③.the original and copy of the labor contract signed by the applicant and the housing provident fund payment unit that can prove the labor relationship;

④.as for the reconsideration of discontinuous payment of provident fund from other provinces and cities in shanghai for six months, only the original and copy of valid proof of uninterrupted payment of provident fund before and after transfer in is required.

(3).if reconsideration is required due to other special circumstances, other relevant materials shall be provided.

4.people present:

it is consistent with the loan acceptance personnel.