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change of collateral

. application conditions:

1. in one of the following situations, the borrower may apply for alteration of the mortgage:

(1) the borrower asks the developer to change houses due to housing quality problems and the changed houses belong to the same community and the housing prices are basically equal;

(2) the name of the street or building where the mortgaged property is located has changed;

(3) the construction area of the mortgaged property and the corresponding land use area have changed;

(4) demolition is required due to municipal planning and other reasons;

(5) other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.

2. there is no default principal, interest, principal penalty interest, interest penalty interest, the cost required to realize the creditor's rights, the loss caused to the lender due to the borrower's default, and all other payable expenses;

3. for the mortgaged real estate that can be registered, the advance notice registration of mortgage has been changed into mortgage registration, except that the borrower requires the developer to change the house due to the housing quality problem;

4. other conditions stipulated by the municipal provident fund management committee or the municipal provident fund center.

.place of application:

1. loans accepted before august 1, 2020:

the business network of shanghai estate guaranty co.,ltd. portfolio loan’s borrower should go to the original lending bank branch to check the change of commercial loan first.

2. loans accepted after august 1, 2020:

the original loan acceptance network.

. application requirements:

1. identity certificate: original id cards of borrowers, co borrowers, co owners of property rights and spouses of the above-mentioned persons (if minors do not have an id card, they should provide a single birth certificate); people from hong kong, macao and taiwan should provide the original id cards of hong kong and macao residents to and from the mainland, taiwan residents to and from the mainland or hong kong, macao and taiwan residents' residence cards; foreigners should obtain permanent (long-term) residence abroad the right person provides the original passport; the hong kong, macao and taiwan and foreigners need to provide the domestic contact information (name, id number and contact) and identity documents. if the above-mentioned person is an adult with limited or no capacity for civil conduct, the original and copy of guardianship certificate shall be provided.

2. property right certificate: the original registration certificate of real estate certificate.

3. provident fund loan contract: the original provident fund loan contract.

4. if the mortgaged property needs to be changed due to different reasons, corresponding supporting documents shall be provided.

5. in case of application for change of the common property right security housing before 2016 batch (excluding), the relevant opinions issued by the housing security center for approval of change and adjustment shall be provided.

6. other materials required by the municipal provident fund center.

. people present:

1. application for change of attendees: the borrower.

2. the attendees who signed the change agreement: the borrower, the co-borrower, the co-owner of property rights and the spouses of the aforementioned persons.

3. if there is any person who cannot be present, it is necessary to provide the entrusted notary certificate issued by the notary public (the relevant entrusted matters should be specified in the notary certificate) and the original id card of the trustee.

v. handling process:

1. loans accepted before august 1, 2020:

pure provident fund loan: apply for change-sign change agreement-change approval-handle mortgage change-change completion;

portfolio loan: go to the original loan bank to review the change of part of the commercial loan - apply for change at shanghai estate guaranty co., ltd. - sign the change agreement - approve the change - handle the mortgage change - change the completion.

2. loans accepted after august 1, 2020:

apply for change-change approval-sign a change agreement-handle mortgage change-change completion.

vi. processing time limit:

pure provident household loan: the time limit for approval is ten working days, if the materials and procedures are complete.
as for the part of combined loan involving commercial loans, the time limit for approval depends on thetime limit for approval involving provident household loan is also ten working days.