change of basic loan information-尊龙凯时人生就是博官网登录

change of basic loan information

1. application conditions:

basic information such as contact address and telephone number has changed.

2. place of application

1. loans accepted before august 1, 2020:

the original loan bank branch.

2. loans accepted after august 1, 2020:

the original loan acceptance network.

3. application requirements

1. identity certificate: the original id card of the borrower; hong kong, macao and taiwan residents provide the mainland travel permit for hong kong and macao residents, the mainland travel permit for taiwan residents or the original residence permit for hong kong, macao and taiwan residents; the original passport of foreigners and those who have obtained permanent (long-term) residence abroad; hong kong,macao,residents and foreigners need to provide domestic contact information (name, id number and contact information) and identity documents.

2. other materials required by the municipal provident fund center.

4. people present:

the borrower. if you are unable to be present, you need to provide an entrusted notary certificate issued by a notary public (the relevant entrusted matters should be specified in the notary certificate) and the original id of the trustee.

5. handling process:

apply for change-the change is completed.

6. processing time limit:

finished on the spot.