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change of loan repayment from housing provident fund

1. type of change:

borrowers and those in withdrawal and repayment can apply to change the withdrawal method, repayers, withdrawing and repayment borrower, commercial loan account number and settlement order, etc., including the following:

1. change the repayment method, that is, change the repayment method of withdrawal from annual to monthly, or from monthly to annual;

2. change the repayers, that is, increase or decrease the repayer who repay the loan;

3. change of withdrawal and repayment borrowers, including change of withdrawal and repayment borrowers of commercial loans and borrowers of pure provident fund loans and portfolio loans accepted before august 1, 2020;

4. change the commercial loan account number, that is, change the commercial loan account number;

5. change the repayment sequence, that is, adjust the repayment sequence of the non-primary borrower and the non-spouse of the loan repayment participant.

2. place of application:

the original outlet that handled the commission of withdrawal and repayment.

3. application requirements:

1. identity certificate: the original id card of the borrower and the person withdrawal and repayment; hong kong, macao and taiwan residents provide the mainland travel permit for hong kong and macao residents, the mainland travel permit for taiwan residents, or the original residence permit for hong kong, macao and taiwan residents; foreigners, obtain permanent (long-term) residence abroad the authorized personnel shall provide the original passport and the chinese translated name confirmed by the person’s signature; hong kong, macao, taiwan and foreigners shall provide the domestic contact information (name, id number and contact information) and identity documents.

2. proof of relationship: marriage certificate or household register. for persons from hong kong, macao and taiwan who have not completed marriage registration in the mainland, provide the original and photocopy of the marriage certificate notarized by the notary office in the place of residence (hong kong, macao or taiwan). married persons in taiwan can provide taiwan id card (see family members details on the back); for overseas registration of a marriage, the original marriage certificate issued by the notary office or competent authority of the country where it is located, and certified by the embassy (consulate) of the people’s republic of china in that country or the country’s embassy (consulate) in china if the copy is in a foreign language, the original and photocopy of the translation issued by a formal translation agency shall be provided.

3. to change the commercial loan account number, a commercial housing loan contract, loan vouchers, and any repayment vouchers must be provided.

4. other materials required by the municipal provident fund center.

4. people present:

all those who participated in the withdrawal and repayment. if you are unable to be present, you need to provide an entrusted notary certificate issued by a notary public (the relevant entrusted matters should be specified in the notary certificate) and the original id of the trustee.

5. handling process:

apply for change-sign the authorization change letter.

6. processing time limit:

finish on the spot.