spf wechat official account lauded as government affairs service award winner-尊龙凯时人生就是博官网登录

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spf wechat official account lauded as government affairs service award winner

shanghai provident fund management center’s spf wechat official account was ranked among the top 49 advanced government affairs new media award recipients recently selected after appraisal by information office of shanghai municipality and shanghai cyberspace administration office for outstanding achievement in government affairs new media development, and granted the 2015 best shanghai government affairs wechat account service award. at the government affairs new media summit conference hosted by tencent, shanghai provident fund was also lauded as the leap award winner among the nation’s 2015 top government affairs new media award recipients.


spf wechat public account has persevered in customer-oriented service since its inception on 18 october 2015, known for its unprecedented launch of real-time provident fund account query in tandem with features and functions of deliverables such as new policy feeds, policy and service query, account information query and query of queuing status at service outlets. it has gained much attention and recognition of its users, with its followers surged to over 350,000.


in future, spf wechat official account shall continue to add new practical functions to facilitate service to the vast payors.