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spfmc held annual meeting on party building schemes for 2013

annual working meeting on party building schemes for 2013 was held at spfmc on the afternoon of february 28, with the center’s party and administrative leaders, party branch secretaries and members, and heads of various departments present.

party committee secretary liu yadong delivered an annual work report on party building, reviewing spfmc party committee’s achievements in 2012 and mapping out schemes for 2013.  in 2012, spfmc, upholding great banners of the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics under guidance of deng xiaoping theory and the important thoughts of three-represent’s theory, further implemented scientific outlook on development and made unremitting effort in conducting party building and spiritual civilization construction, concentrating on the annual main theme of party organization building at grassroots level and the major issues for spfmc’s service-focused years, and deepening reforms to strive for excellence in performance and seek new ways for party building with an aim to advance civilization construction, which fuelled the cause of municipal housing provident fund with substantial spiritual power to sustain sound development and organizational guarantee. spfmc party committee’s overall schemes for 2013 are as follows: persist in emancipation of mind in pursuit of reforms and innovations guided by resolutions of 18th cpc congress, with a focus on the main working theme of enhancement of construction of the party’s administering capability, advancement and purity aiming at building a learning- service- and innovation-oriented party organization, conduct various tasks pursuant to resolutions of 18th cpc congress and enhance ethos building by fostering close party-mass and cadre-mass relationship, strengthen team building of cadres and staff to establish a highly qualified hpf management team and innovate in party building at grassroots level to ratchet up competence of party branches, deepen reforms of cultural and spiritual civilization construction and boost party ethos and probity administration construction to ensure cadres’ righteousness and fund safety, cohere the mighty power with the aid of outcomes of party building and spiritual civilization construction to propel development of hpf cause.

director shen zhengchao cited three prerequisites for fuifilling party building tasks in 2013. first, party building must be conducted to protect and escort the party on its path towards ultimate goal. second, party building must embody characteristics of this epoch and features of the unit. third, party affairs workers must take the lead in learning resolutions of 18th cpc congress and innovating in transformational development.

during the meeting, main leaders of the center’s party and administration and heads of various departments signed new round of agreement on responsibility for construction of party ethos and probity administration, with democratic review and appraisal conducted for cadres’ selection and appointment in 2012.