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an annual sum-up meeting held at spfmc for communication on hpf loans in support of security housing construction

a sum-up meeting was held at spfmc on the afternoon of 6th february for communication on shanghai housing provident fund loans in support of security housing construction projects. spfmc, respective banks commissioned to release loans and borrowing units attended the meeting. leaders of the municipal provident fund management committee and supervising departments of partial borrowing units were invited and attended the meeting.

a summary of achievement in 2012 was made at the meeting. up to date, 12 of the 13 municipal projects approved by the state for pilot project expansion have been signed up, amongst which loans have been issued for 9 projects, amounting to 3.688 billion yuan. the cumulative loans issued for the projects reached 4.632 billion yuan. director of spfmc shen zhengchao made a speech at the meeting and pointed out that good achievement had been made in hf loans for the projects for 2012 thanks to close cooperation of various partners, strict management and standard operation. the major tasks in 2013 are to enhance performance of loans as scheduled for timely and correct issuance of loans, and to strengthen surveillance and control of loans for safety.

respective service departments of spfmc and the borrowing units discussed about the loans schedule for 2013 after the meeting so as to comply with the resolution of the meeting.